gPodder 3.9.3 "Whacketts" released

This is a small bugfix update on top of gPodder 3.9.2, fixing some issues that people were having with some feeds and the change to podcastparser:
  • Soundcloud: Increase track limit (by mprangenberg)
  • Fix HTTP conditional GET (Fixes #193, #182)
  • Podcastparser 0.6.1: Work around a XML parsing bug when PyXML is installed (#185)
The new Podcastparser build is included in the Windows release, as well as in the Ubuntu PPA, and the source tarball is also available.

As always, a detailed changelog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/3.9.3.

Download: gpodder-3.9.3.tar.gz
md5sum: 56d891649d9ac8a0b9c5e47471a8119f
sha1sum: 77aa49442fe3abe9aa84f69f5be5319cf5f6cb0b

You can find a list of downloads on gpodder.org.


gPodder 3.9.2 "Canyonero" released

A new release of gPodder is out. This release improves UI startup performance as well as introduces our own podcastparser library that we use in gPodder 4 to the gPodder 3 releases -- this should improve the feed parsing performance and allow for better support of podcast-specific features like Podlove Simple Chapters and Paged Feeds in the future (some of these features are already in gPodder 4's codebase).

Here's what's new:
  • Fix tagging download extension (#148, patch by Eric Le Lay)
  • Improve YouTube cover art resolution (patch by Hiltronix)
  • win32-launcher: Fix crash when Python is missing
  • Sync UI: Update podcast list after sync (#136)
  • Port from feedparser to podcastparser
  • Set UI upper limit for episodes per podcast based on current value
  • Cache cover art thumbnails in SQLite database
  • Load/update the episode list model in the background
As always, a detailed changelog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/3.9.2.

Download: gpodder-3.9.2.tar.gz
md5sum: 14b9c9ca26015d78f11a748e4cbf65a5
sha1sum: 1778cd758143dcee980fad7f85707c170f1c7db2

You can find a list of downloads on gpodder.org.


gPodder 3.9.1 "My BLT Drive Just Went AWOL" released

A new release of your favorite podcast downloading program is out. And our website also got a refresh in recent weeks if you haven't noticed :) Here's a rundown of what's new:
  • win32-launcher: Fix compatibility issues with Python 2.7.11
  • Gtk UI: Remove WebKit1 support (Debian bug 790218)
  • Add 'set_artist_to_album' config option to 'tagging' extension (by Brian J. Cohen)
  • Resolve all symlinks in path (bug 2064)
  • Handle "mktime argument out of range" (by Markus Wamser, bug 2023)
  • Include OS name and version in user agent
  • Don't fail if update server is down (bug 2067)
  • Use html5lib/HTMLParser to find hyperlinks in show notes (by Mathias Rav)
  • desktopfile: Filter non-player apps (improves app selector choices on Linux)
As always, a detailed changelog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/3.9.1.

Download: gpodder-3.9.1.tar.gz
md5sum: f257c2e887808e53a21787d394623764
sha1sum: 7fd1b7f0f13bf3d672f62efc1a9e3e0550fa7046

You can find a list of downloads on gpodder.org.


gPodder 3.9.0 "Helium Levitator" released

A new version of gPodder is out! This release removes some old, unmaintained code and fixes some bugs and adds a new translation.

Starting from version 3.9.0, the N9 port is not supported anymore; the code is still available in the "harmattan" branch in Git if you need it or want to backport fixes yourself.

Flattr support was broken with the recent changes to Flattr's website, it is recommended that you use gpodder.net's Flattr integration instead if you want to use this feature.

For the Windows build, due to some Norton false positives, the auto-download feature for Python and PyGTK has been removed and replaced with a link to http://gpodder.org/dependencies, so users can manually download the dependencies.

Here is the list of changes:
  • Added Korean translation (by Byeongkeon Kim)
  • Device sync: Only fail if we can determine free disk space (bug 2052)
  • Enqueue episodes after download (Closes #133)
  • Ubuntu AppIndicator extension: 'visible' config option
  • gpodder.download: Ignore non-ASCII content-disposition header (bug 2059)
  • Win32-launcher: Remove download feature (works around Norton warning)
  • Remove WebUI, QML UI and MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan support
  • Remove broken Flattr integration (use gpodder.net's Flattr support)
  • Redesign about dialog
  • Preferences: Move video services to separate tab
  • Vimeo: Fix Vimeo integration
As always, a detailed changelog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/3.9.0.

Download: gpodder-3.9.0.tar.gz
md5sum: e10acfd6d3eb03c46ff9d02efe4b920f
sha1sum: f06ccd3e3af630dc9ac8064167c998ee931111b4

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