Progress report from the December hack day

For the third time, we've met up for the monthly gPodder Hack Day, where people involved in gPodder and related projects meet up in Vienna and discuss and push forward gPodder and the gPodder Web Service.

On December 22nd, the Hack Day December 2012 took place at the Metalab in Vienna. Here's a short list of what we have done:
  • Bug 1728: Decided to close as WONTFIX, and described how the user can patch the required changes in manually
  • Released gPodder 2.20.3 for Maemo 4 and Maemo 5
  • QML UI: Refreshed UI with Sheet for Subscribe UI, Pull down to refresh and a (hopefully) nicer visual style
  • Created an initial Extensions page with some basic information
  • Updated the information on the gpodder.org start page (extensions, etc..)
  • First work on Auto-Flattr support for gpodder.net (the website) - it's still a WIP
  • Bug 1729: Add disable_in=win32 to a few extensions
  • Add smart grouping of extension context menu
  • Add Flattr option to the episode context menu
Also, the preparations for gPodder 3.4.0 were done, and (as you probably already saw) gPodder 3.4.0 was released the day after the hack day. Thanks to all for attending, and see you again in January for the Hack Day January 2013.


gPodder 3.4.0 "Quiet Earth" released

A new release of gPodder 3 is out, this time the first one since about 3 months, and bringing with it some nice improvements and refinements. I hope you'll like this one :) As this release combines the changes of roughly three months of work, the ChangeLog is a bit longer this time.
  • QML UI (MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan on the N950 and N9)
    • Check for new episodes via "Pull down to refresh"
    • Subscribe to new podcast list is now a QML Sheet
    • Open show note links in browser (bug 1556)
    • Fix back button behavior (bug 1677)
    • New episode list model (speeds up scrolling)
    • Various smaller clean-ups and UI improvements
  • Gtk UI
    • Fix wrong artwork in podcast settings (bug 1675)
    • Don't auto-update when offline (bug 107)
    • Import titles from OPML / directory (bug 1711)
    • Integrate shownotes into main window
    • Don't require Gtk+ 2.24 in .ui file
  • Web UI
  • Command-line interface (gpo)
  • YouTube
    • Fix the new 403 issue (bug 1665)
    • Gtk UI for video quality selection (pull request 19)
    • Add support for https:// links
    • Remove dependency on OrderedDict
    • Fix downloading on Harmattan
  • Extensions
    • Improvements to the extension system
    • New extension: update_feeds_on_startup (bug 1656)
    • New extension: Enqueue in media player (bug 1583)
    • Updated: TED Talks Subtitle Downloader Extension
    • Groups and submenus in episode list context menu
    • Add disable_in=win32 to a few extensions (bug 1729)
  • Clean-ups and refactoring
    • Remove old api.py module
    • Remove podcast_id accessor functions (bug 1696)
    • Don't warn about system files on Windows (bug 1712)
    • Handle mygpoclient's MissingCredentials exception
    • Util: Python 2.6 compatibility fix
    • Vacuum minidb-based databases too (bug 1721)
    • gpodder.util: Use gpodder.ui.win32 for new code
  • Flattr integration
    • Reload when pressing play in the shownotes (bug 1684)
    • Use util.sanitize_encoding for the flattr payment-url
    • Add Flattr option to the episode context menu
  • Network connectivity detection
    • Basic Offline mode support (bug 107)
    • Offline mode detection for OS X (bug 107)
    • Linux: Detect PPP as Internet connection (bug 1702)
  • Other changes
    • Download strategy: Only keep latest (bug 188)
    • Download: Rate-limiting for progress updates
    • Device sync: Per-podcast sync option (pull request 22)
    • Updated translations from source (+German translation)
    • Vimeo: Fix downloading of Vimeo videos
As always, a detailed changelog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/3.4.0.

Download: gpodder-3.4.0.tar.gz
md5sum: 1fc04fdc8ff3666316cd7fa74400d30e
sha1sum: 04e079c19a82f8c0f4c154d61921ceb907921e67

For packages in distributions, see the downloads page.

Thanks to all users who supported the gPodder project by providing bug reports, patches, documentation, feedback or donations / Flattrs. Special thanks to our first-time contributors for this release: Andreas Piesk, Chionsas, Daniel Schaal, Josh Mondragon, Sean Munkel and Simon Schubert - keep those patches coming!


gPodder 2.20.3 "The Odd Pod" released

As the YouTube fix in version 2.20.2 didn't totally fix the downloads for gPodder 2 users, the fixes integrated into the development version of gPodder 3 have also been backported to version 2.x, so that all Maemo 5 (and Maemo 4) users can also enjoy YouTube downloads again. In addition to that, the Spanish translation has also been updated:
  • YouTube fixes (bug 1665, backported by Andreas Piesk)
  • Updated Spanish translation (by Simó Albert i Beltran)
Again, we don't really support or develop the 2.20.x branch (except for regression fixes when the time allows it), it is recommended for all users to upgrade to gPodder 3.

Because Maemo 4 and Maemo 5 are not supported anymore in gPodder 3, we provide occasional updates to 2.20.x for these platforms, so that users using the N800, N810 or N900 are not left out in the cold.

Packages for Maemo will be prepared soon.

Download: gpodder-2.20.3.tar.gz
md5sum: 397b4cd542362454598d553fcfdad5b2
sha1sum: 1f58c7d96c4e62cf20d682123ca35bae653bb096