Flattr support in gpodder.net

Flattr support has just been added to gpodder.net! Flattr is an easy way to support content creators by giving small amounts of money for content you enjoy. gpodder.net makes flattring podcasts even easier for listeners, publishers and client developers.

When you connect your Flattr account in the gpodder.net Flattr settings, Flattr buttons will show up for all podcasts and episodes that accept donations through Flattr. You can also set up auto-flattring played episodes -- this will automatically flattr all episodes that you've listened to on a supported client (currently gPodder and Amarok). The directory contains a list of all podcasts that accept Flattr donations.

When a podcast feed includes a payment URL gpodder.net will enable flattr buttons and auto-flattring for it. The publisher pages will indicate if gpodder.net has detected payment URLs in a podcast feed.

Client Developers
When your podcast client supports sending episode actions to gpodder.net it is now automatically Flattr-enabled! When a user enables auto-flattring on the website, all played episodes will automatically be flattred by gpodder.net.
You can also make use of the Settings API to let the user edit Flattr settings locally. The documentation contains a short summary of the Flattr support.

Follow @gpoddernet for new Flattr-enabled podcasts or visit our Flattr directory regularly.

See also the announcement from Flattr.

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