gPodder Usability Tests on Maemo 5

Jarkko Mikael Palonkangas has carried out some user tests with gPodder on Maemo 5, and has now uploaded the resulting videos to YouTube. Please have a look and feel free to comment directly on the videos, because Jarkko can use the feedback and will use it for his Master's thesis:

These videos are also interesting if you haven't seen how the Thinking Aloud method works or if you have not played with gPodder's Maemo 5 UI yet.


gPodder 2.19 "The Toast Derivation" released

Before the big release of the "tres" branch as gPodder 3, we have another bugfix release for the stable 2.x series of releases for you. This release fixes various bugs found since the last release in August:
  • Fix empty descriptions in the Soundcloud module
  • Ignore image enclosures for audio/video in Media RSS (bug 1430)
  • Add Spanish and Turkish translations (bug 1420)
The detailed, full ChangeLog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/2.19.

Download: gpodder-2.19.tar.gz
md5sum: cad0cd6b303a38bab1c868b2186d816b
sha1sum: 6ac411241740fc93af165fdfcb355c9b02dcb714

Thanks to all who contributed to this release and reported bugs :)


gPodder "tres" Launch Party, 16. September 2011

Even though the "tres" branch has not officially been released yet (and we're not sure if we can make it before the party, but that shouldn't worry you ;)), the time is right for some partying, therefore the gPodder team and friends will meet up this Friday evening, September 16th in Vienna, Austria to celebrate the imminent release of gPodder's "tres" branch.

If you are in town and interested in coming, drop us a line and we'll give you the details how to find us :)


libmygpo-qt 1.0.4 released

Summer (and with it Google Summer of Code) is over and Lucas Lira Gomes sucessfully finished his GSoC Project (Integration of gpodder.net into Amarok), so expect to be able to synchronize your podcasts between Amarok & gpodder.net soon ;)

In addition to that, Ari Hannula from Nokia created "Podcasts" for the Nokia N9, which also utilizes libmygpo-qt for synchronizing and searching podcasts.

Thanks to Lucas & Ari, we found (and fixed ;) ) some Bugs in libmygpo-qt, so we hereby announce the availability of libmygpo-qt v1.0.4.

Changes in 1.0.4:
  • fixed a bug with an invalid timestamp when uploading EpisodeActions
  • fixed a bug with a wrong url when retrieving EpisodeActions by Podcast
  • fixed a crash happening on MeeGo because of the deletion of QNetworkReply Pointers
Where to get libmygpo-qt?

Tarball: libmygpo-qt.1.0.4.tar.gz
md5sum: 9c840d6a7dc96055c6eb5a7d36d02a7c
sha1sum: 7d46fcbcc3c0177bc353f8e15b0bff9fd19013e6

Some more important Links for libmygpo-qt: