Progress report from the April 2013 hack day

As you might have figured out by now, some of the gPodder core developers meet up monthly at the Metalab in Vienna to discuss current developments and plans for the future. This also happened this month on the 13th of April.

What we have done:

The next hack day will be on May 11th, and we will definitely be discussing more about gPodder 4 by then.


Release of libmygpo-qt v1.0.7

After exactly half a year, a new version of libmygpo-qt is ready.
Changes in v1.0.7:
  • New Config Class. This class allows to programmatically to retrieve the libmygpo-qt version and retrieve and set the gpodder.net API endpoint (e.g. if you test your software against a private instance of gpodder.net)
  • Config Class also allows to set a prefix to the user-agent. Please never completely overwrite the user-agent set in libmygpo-qt (instead pre/append your own, e.g. via mygpo::Config::setUserAgentPrefix( ... ) )
  • fixed a bug that created incomplete Episode Actions if an Episode Action couldn't be parsed completely by libmygpo-qt
  • fixed a small bug with the pkgconfig file (thx to davidsansome)
  • added support for uploading & retrieving flattr Episode Actions to gpodder.net (this allows you to automatically flattr Podcast Episodes from any podcatcher that uses libmygpo-qt)
Where to get libmygpo-qt?
Tarball: http://stefan.derkits.at/files/libmygpo-qt/libmygpo-qt.1.0.7.tar.gz
sha256sum: faade78e1baeeab7f858dec80530ad63c50f683fe511948ab1a45e685828cc74 md5sum: 447e60c8c695b4280a0e20c71abacf49

Some more important Links for libmygpo-qt:
Project Website: http://wiki.gpodder.org/wiki/Libmygpo-qt
Git Repository: https://github.com/gpodder/libmygpo-qt
Doxygen Documentation: http://stefan.derkits.at/libmygpo-doc/ gpodder.net API: http://wiki.gpodder.org/wiki/Web_Services/API_2 Bug reports: http://bugs.gpodder.org
Contact: gpodder@freelists.org 

Want to support libmygpo-qt?
You can support the development of libmygpo-qt you can send me a book via my Amazon Wishlist or donate via paypal to stefan@derkits.at

What is libmygpo-qt?
libmygpo-qt is a Qt/C++ library wrapping the gpodder.net Webservice. It is currently used in Amarok & Clementine to retrieve a directory of podcasts & to synchronize podcast subscriptions with gpodder.net


gPodder 3.5.1 "Nick of Time" released

gPodder 3.5.1 is a small bugfix release to fix some issues in the 3.5.0 release from last month. It is recommended for all users.
  • Windows support
    • Mandatory notification extension (pull request 72)
    • Compatibility: strftime doesn't have %F
    • Remove non-ascii characters (bug 1724)
  • Device synchronization
    • Sanitized playlist filename (bug 1788)
    • Sanitize mount point encoding (bug 1785)
  • Extensions
    • Merge audio/video converter extensions (bug 1783)
    • Cleaned up "Enqueue in Media Player"
    • Enqueue episodes in Totem also (bug 1775)
  • Gtk UI
    • Clear filter using secondary icon in GtkEntry
    • Fix submenu activation/focus issues (bug 1778)
    • Show notification bubbles when downloads fail (bug 1265)
  • QML UI
    • Add various checks for undefined / null objects
    • Apply automatic rotation setting to all pages (bug 1792)
    • Better selection reset logic for episode list (bug 1804)
    • Convert selection indices to integers (bug 1802)
    • Directly add a podcast via feed URL
    • Fix layout for multi-line episode titles
    • Highlight podcasts on Harmattan, but not on Sailfish
    • Make selection background color visible again
    • Reset selection when episode list changes (bug 1804)
    • Separate gpodder.net login page (pull request 85)
  • Other improvements
    • CLI: Fix subscribe/unsubscribe when list has not been loaded yet
    • Database: Check if every episode is assigned to a podcast
    • Makefile: Build ".pyo" files on "make install" (bug 1786)
    • Model: Disallow subscribing to an already-existing URL
    • Remove "print" statement in enqueue_in_mediaplayer
    • Tools: Ubuntu PPA generator for "raring" release
    • Updated German translation
As always, a detailed changelog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/3.5.1.

Download: gpodder-3.5.1.tar.gz
md5sum: 60bcc814adc654c00ab197abfe920d80
sha1sum: e9f26bd5bb7742d9c0fa78323e81060495f7417a

For packages in distributions, see the downloads page.

Thanks to all users who supported the gPodder project by providing bug reports, patches, documentation, feedback or donations / Flattrs.