gPodder 4.2 Feature Preview: Podcast Chapters

In the next release of gPodder 4, we're going to introduce support for Podlove Simple Chapters. Support for it has already landed in podcastparser 0.4.0, gpodder-core as well as gpodder-ui-qml and gpodder-sailfish, so here are two little demo videos of the new feature in action:

Blackberry 10 - Demo Video

Sailfish OS - Demo Video

podcastparser 0.4.0 released

podcastparser is a simple, fast and efficient podcast parser written in Python. Podcastparser is used in gPodder 4 for parsing RSS and Atom feeds. This release adds the necessary backend support for Podlove Simple Chapters, which is a feature we're going to introduce in the next release of gPodder 4.

Changes in version 0.4.0:
  • parse_time: Parse using RFC 2326 Normal Play Time (NPT) rules
  • test_podcastparser: Allow full diff when test fails
  • Add support for Podlove Simple Chapters
podcastparser-0.4.0.tar.gz (2014-04-30)
md5sum: 1d541b732ad2035a0ccf11e139d948ba
sha1sum: a0e8421e613ada7f19b47e82222de3cdcf789898


podcastparser 0.3.0 released

podcastparser is a simple, fast and efficient podcast parser written in Python. Podcastparser is used in gPodder 4 for parsing RSS and Atom feeds.

Changes in version 0.3.0:
  • Silence warnings about unknown namespaces
  • Parse itunes:summary as description
  • Add support for RFC 5005 / Paged Feeds
podcastparser-0.3.0.tar.gz (2014-04-28)
md5sum: a87836117cc160c3fd6523a460625ebb
sha1sum: 6c78a9ccf02d9094f8f3ef776e79f25832e5087e


gPodder Ubuntu PPA updated with version 3.6.1

The Ubuntu PPA hasn't been updated in a while (roughly one year to be exact), mostly due to me having switched to Fedora since and not having access to a Ubuntu machine all the time for packaging (yeah, I know, I could have set up a VM at some point and/or automated the whole thing a bit more). Anyway, I've taken some time now to update the PPA, and the following Ubuntu releases now get up-to-date gPodder packages (3.6.1) via the PPA:
  • 12.04 LTS "precise"
  • 12.10 "quantal"
  • 13.10 "saucy"
  • 14.04 LTS "trusty"
  • 14.10 "utopic" (but it already has 3.6.1 merged from Debian)
Ubuntu 13.04 "raring" doesn't get new packages, because the PPA builder tells me that this version isn't supported anymore (but 12.10 still is, go figure...). The generate-ubuntu-source.sh script helps there, automatically generating source packages for the PPA upload based on the Debian source package.


gPodder 4 now also available for Blackberry Playbook

gPodder 4 is now available for the Blackberry Playbook. This port uses the same approach/packaging scripts as the Blackberry 10 port.

Here's a video of gPodder in action:

Grab it from BlackBerry App World!


Update availability for gPodder 3.x for Nokia N9

If you have previously downloaded gPodder 3.x from Nokia Store, please download the newest version from gpodder.org/downloads. The release in Nokia Store was outdated (and since January 1st 2014 we couldn't upload any new version), so we decided to remove it from there to prevent outdated installs and bug reports against old versions.

The most up-to-date and supported release will always be available from gpodder.org's downloads page, and we will try to keep the package on openrepos.net also updated, so you can get automated updates if you use the openrepos.net Warehouse client.