Progress report from the January 2013 hack day

Another meetup in Vienna has been held this month to push forward some parts of gPodder (both the client, the web service as well as related projects such as the library and Detlef gPodderson).

There have been several topics that we discussed and worked on:
  • thp demonstrated his work with the new podcastparser, the C implementation of it, we discussed how to use it in the future
  • brot worked on bug 1441, closed as duplicate of bug 1324
  • brot worked on bug 1751, closed as won't fix as there's a workaround
  • brot worked on bug 1749
  • skoegl started work on a "Stream to Sonos" extension for the gPodder app
  • skoegl fixed some bugs in the mygpoclient library
  • horrendus requested an Ohloh organization for all gPodder projects
  • horrendus fixed a bug in libmygpo-qt (using cgdb)
  • moe presented Detlef and continued working on its implementation
  • thp removed the time tracking field in our Bugzilla (we didn't use it)

moe from the Detlet project (an open source gpodder.net podcatcher for Android) demonstrated their Android Podcatcher in the Android Emulator:

Thanks to all for attending, and see you at the February 2013 Hack Day!


Flattr support in gpodder.net

Flattr support has just been added to gpodder.net! Flattr is an easy way to support content creators by giving small amounts of money for content you enjoy. gpodder.net makes flattring podcasts even easier for listeners, publishers and client developers.

When you connect your Flattr account in the gpodder.net Flattr settings, Flattr buttons will show up for all podcasts and episodes that accept donations through Flattr. You can also set up auto-flattring played episodes -- this will automatically flattr all episodes that you've listened to on a supported client (currently gPodder and Amarok). The directory contains a list of all podcasts that accept Flattr donations.

When a podcast feed includes a payment URL gpodder.net will enable flattr buttons and auto-flattring for it. The publisher pages will indicate if gpodder.net has detected payment URLs in a podcast feed.

Client Developers
When your podcast client supports sending episode actions to gpodder.net it is now automatically Flattr-enabled! When a user enables auto-flattring on the website, all played episodes will automatically be flattred by gpodder.net.
You can also make use of the Settings API to let the user edit Flattr settings locally. The documentation contains a short summary of the Flattr support.

Follow @gpoddernet for new Flattr-enabled podcasts or visit our Flattr directory regularly.

See also the announcement from Flattr.


gPodder 3.4.0 now available for Windows

Builds of gPodder 3.4.0 for Windows are finally available after a short delay of a few days:

Installer for XP/Vista/7: gpodder-3.4.0-setup.exe
md5sum: 53506d61ca779b4bb1ad0f3b7c5a8973
sha1sum: 745f67337e719744f21f6fc460c8f9d97e637938

Standalone .ZIP package: gpodder-3.4.0-win32.zip (SF.net Mirror)
md5sum: e04ad0b2401205b218afc9150904e68e
sha1sum: 852b2560612ec51409eba1dd255429dce34cbca2

As always, please check the downloads page for up to date information on the most recent builds. For details on this release, see the official release announcement.