gpodder.net planned server outage

Our ISP where gpodder.net (and the gpodder.org website) is hosted has informed us that they are planning to do some maintenance work in the night from July 28th to July 29th. It is possible that during this time, gpodder.net is not available or not fully available (the same applies to gpodder.org, but the gpodder.org blog is hosted somewhere else, so it will not be affected by this maintenance window). Update: This will also affect bugs.gpodder.org. Thanks to Paul for noticing.

You can look up your local time for the maintenance window. After the maintenance is over, gpodder.net should continue to function as usual.

GSoC update: Subscription sync with Amarok

Another update from Lucas Lira Gomes about his Google Summer of Code project that aims to integrate gpodder.net with Amarok: He has now managed to get synchronization working, with some pretty neat UI integration:

Check out more screenshots and a description of them on Lucas' blog.


Panucci is coming to the N950

gPodder's sister project Panucci is being ported to MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan on the Nokia N950. The port is done by Panucci's current maintainer, Jens Persson (xerxes2). He announced the first progress on the project today:

And as you shouldn't make promises you can't keep, as Frank Martin's fourth rule, I got right to it and Panucci already runs pretty well on Harmattan. Some small things to fix but nothing major. I'll also pick up a headset to fix the bluetooth implementation which is missing now. The QML version will probably/hopefully work very well on Fremantle too. It will (probably) never support as many features as the GTK one as I don't got an N900 to fix stuff but it should work reasonably well.

Jens has posted a video on YouTube of the project's current status, and a short overview:

If you didn't know, Panucci is a resuming audiobook and podcast player, and can be used on Maemo and on the (Linux) Desktop to provide resuming functionality of your audio podcasts. Panucci also plays well together with gPodder to synchronize the playback status of audio files, so gPodder can track your playback progress. With dedicated seek buttons, Panucci is very well suited for listening to podcasts and seeking through long pieces of spoken audio.


gPodder 2.16 "Over There" released

It has been over two months, but don't forget that we've been working hard on getting the "tres" branch ready for some action, also. In the mean time, several bug fixes have accumulated for our stable 2.x branch, and so it's once again time to release these into the wild.

Please see the detailed ChangeLog for information on which fixes have been added in this release.

Download: gpodder-2.16.tar.gz
md5sum: ae60552b230f4a8e84eeff6586ea871f
sha1sum: ccbf477401e9dd42ec0c8af386ea17d1abafa2db

Thanks to all the contributors and bug reporters who have made this release the most stable release in the 2.x branch yet :) As always, packages for the different kinds of distributions should be available in the upcoming days.