gPodder 3.9.1 "My BLT Drive Just Went AWOL" released

A new release of your favorite podcast downloading program is out. And our website also got a refresh in recent weeks if you haven't noticed :) Here's a rundown of what's new:
  • win32-launcher: Fix compatibility issues with Python 2.7.11
  • Gtk UI: Remove WebKit1 support (Debian bug 790218)
  • Add 'set_artist_to_album' config option to 'tagging' extension (by Brian J. Cohen)
  • Resolve all symlinks in path (bug 2064)
  • Handle "mktime argument out of range" (by Markus Wamser, bug 2023)
  • Include OS name and version in user agent
  • Don't fail if update server is down (bug 2067)
  • Use html5lib/HTMLParser to find hyperlinks in show notes (by Mathias Rav)
  • desktopfile: Filter non-player apps (improves app selector choices on Linux)
As always, a detailed changelog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/3.9.1.

Download: gpodder-3.9.1.tar.gz
md5sum: f257c2e887808e53a21787d394623764
sha1sum: 7fd1b7f0f13bf3d672f62efc1a9e3e0550fa7046

You can find a list of downloads on gpodder.org.


  1. Can you add a digital signature to the program?

  2. Yes, I think I can, just haven't looked into how to do what and where to get the certificates. Are there any good tutorials?


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