GSoC update: Podcast synchronization in Amarok

Lucas Lira Gomes has once again updated his blog with some information about the progress on getting gpodder.net integration working with Amarok:

[GSoC] Podcast Subscription Synchronisation

Expect some more updates regarding the normal version of gPodder, including support for recently announced MeeGo devices soon. In July, we will be working hard on getting the new release in shape, and we'll also have some updates for the current 2.x branch of releases. Until then, enjoy the weather.


GSoC update: Amarok integration progressing

As part of Google Summer of Code 2011, Lucas Lira Gomes is working on gpodder.net integration for Amarok, the KDE media player. In his latest blog post, he gives us an update about his progress:

At this point, podcast playlist syncing doesn't have a way to show only a subset of predetermined episodes, for this reason we will see some episodes, from before the synchronisation, that should be not shown in Amarok. This will be fixed as soon as we get some priorities done first, since that bug don't prevent usage.

This week, I will try to run a gpodder.net server, as suggested by our libmygpo-qt comrade, HorrusHorrendus, in order to make the next part of this project easier to test. I also plan to continue coding the existing skeleton of the plug­in infrastructure for the gpodder integration with Amarok.

Lucas says he will have some more updates next week, so if you want to be up to date when Amarok's gpodder.net-related feature set exceeds that of gPodder, subscribe to his blog!