Progress report from the March 2013 hack day

After the 3.5.0 release last week, we also had our monthly Jour Fixe for gPodder hacking at the Metalab on Saturday. This is a summary of what happened:

Bernd worked on bug 1265 (Notification bubbles in Ubuntu), Stefan worked on the draft for the new gpodder.net API, and I worked on getting Windows and Ubuntu releases in shape. Also: Merging some pull requests and fixing the Gtk+ submenu activate issue, creating a workaround for the focus issue in the toolkit (see GNOME bug 695488), although it seems like we still have to tweak the workaround a bit.

The next hack day is planned for April 13th 2013 and will again take place at the Metalab Vienna. Until then - happy hacking, and see you in #gpodder on FreeNode IRC.


gPodder 3.5.0 "The After Hours" released

It's time for another gPodder 3 release! Version 3.5.0 brings first-time support for Sailfish OS (using Sailfish Silica), an improved and cleaned-up MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan UI (which now shares big chunks of code with the Sailfish UI) and device playlist sync for MP3 players in the Desktop version.

  • QML UI
    • Playback position in episode list, shownotes button in medi aplayer, download filename in shownotes and horizontal line for sections (by Nelson Ferreira)
    • Abstraction for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (Qt Components) and Sailfish OS (Silica Components), split into common codebase with specialization components (share/gpodder/ui/qml/{harmattan,sailfish})
    • Asynchronous image loading in episode item
    • Declare x-axis drags for PlaybackBarProgress
    • Decoupled Python->QML interaction from implementation details (upcalls happen exclusively via signals / context properties)
    • Bling: Fade truncated text in Sailfish UI
    • Harmattan UI: Split UI elements into separate pages, move toolbar contents into menu for unification with Sailfish / cleaner interaction
    • Various clean-ups and simplifications in the Python backend
    • Scroll multi-episode list to episode list position
    • Step-wise asynchronous episode list loading
  • Gtk UI
    • Device playlists and two-way sync (by  Joseph Wickremasinghe, bug 1769)
    • Fixed Gtk 2.18 compatibility (by Andreas Piesk, bug 1761)
    • GtkWarning fixes in shownotes (by Sean Munkel, bug 1735)
    • Fix shownotes window resizing error (by Sean Munkel, bug 1736)
    • Fix status icon not disappearing after being disabled (by Sean Munkel, bug 1714)
    • Fix encoding issues in notifications (by Sean Munkel, bug 1744)
    • Device sync preferences: Disable all widgets when device sync is off
    • Flattr preferences: Don't close preferences when WebKit/Gtk is missing
    • Fix context menu UI blocking for extensions (bug 1778)
    • Resizable shownotes view in main window
    • Searching in the extensions list (preferences dialog)
    • Device sync: Show error message for unconfigured device
    • Shownotes (plaintext): Must not be editable in main window
  • Extensions
    • Notification bubbles for Windows (by Sean Munkel, bug 426)
    • Download progress on Window taskbar (by Sean Munkel)
    • Stream to Sonos extension (by Stefan Kögl)
    • New OGG to MP3 extension (by Bernd Schlapsi, bug 1733)
    • M4A Converter: Check file extension (by Bernd Schlapsi, bug 1770)
    • Support both libav and ffmpeg for converting, support for Windows (by Bernd Schlapsi, bug 1773)
    • Add option to remove all tags (by Bernd Schlapsi, bug 1771)
    • Enqueue in Media Player: Mark episodes as played (by Bernd Schlapsi, bug 1749)
    • Woodchuck extension removed (unmaintained, not working)
  • Others
    • GtkOSXApplication 2.0.1 fixes (by Eric Le Lay, bug 1759)
    • FreeBSD network interface detection (by Olivier Brisson, bug 1730)
    • Upload gpodder.net episode actions in batches (by Stefan Kögl)
    • Added support for the Opus Audio Codec (by Bernd Schlapsi, bug 1734)
    • Avoid bugus error messages on download (bug 1731)
    • Util: Parse HH:MM-style strings with HH > 59
    • Vimeo: Use video title as download filename
    • Extensions API: New on_episode_playback() function
    • YouTube: Fix directory search (bug 1760)
    • Model: Day, month and year for custom filename (bug 1768)
    • Cover downloader: Add 4-second connection timeout
    • Improved offline mode / online detection (bug 1730)
  • Translations
    • Spanish (Adolfo Jayme Barrientos and Simó Albert i Beltran)
    • Italian (Maurizio Ballo and Alessandro Campidori)
    • Persian (Iran) (Mohammad Dashtizadeh)
    • Portuguese (Sérgio Marques)
    • French (bttfmcf)
    • Chinese (China) (luojie)
    • Portuguese (Brazil) (Rafael Ferreira and Dudu Maroja)
    • Spanish (Mexico) (Rigoberto Calleja)
    • Polish (Filip Kłębczyk)
    • Galician (Gonçalo Cordeiro)
    • Norwegian Bokmål (Jim Nygård)
    • Portuguese (Joel Calado)
    • Hebrew (Amiad Bareli)
    • Dutch (Arne Stierman)
    • Basque (Asier Iturralde Sarasola)
    • Greek (Atheos)
    • Kazakh (Baurzhan Muftakhidinov)
    • Swedish (Daniel Sandman)
    • Czech (Czech Republic) (David Štancl)
    • German

As always, a detailed changelog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/3.5.0.

Download: gpodder-3.5.0.tar.gz
md5sum: 85237ee3978eedf7abcee37d68c55633
sha1sum: 127c557309b16db470ad34c538582f203c3ec768

For packages in distributions, see the downloads page.

Thanks to all users who supported the gPodder project by providing bug reports, patches, documentation, feedback or donations / Flattrs.