Promote Podcasts in gPodder and on gpodder.net

If you want to promote your podcast the gPodder project is offering a simple promotion package: For only € 20 your podcast will be shown on the front page of gpodder.net and will be included in the example podcasts of all gPodder clients for one week.

You can either design the promotion space on the gpodder.net front page yourself, or you just provide us your logo and let us do the work.

The current promotion for Linux Basix

We're currently limiting promotions to one at a time, so your podcast will get the full attention of the gpodder.net visitors and gPodder users.

Linux Basix in gPodder's example Podcasts

You don't need to be the author /publisher of a podcast in order to promote it, we'll also accept promotions from fans. However, if you are associated to a podcast, gpodder.net has special publisher pages that contain subscriber and listener stats. This service is currently provided for free and is not tied to a promotion.

Promotion Info and Booking

The revenue from podcast promotions will be used to cover our hosting expenses. If you want to support gPodder and gpodder.net without booking a promotion, there's also the possibility to donate.


gPodder 2.18 "Powerswitch" released

Due to a problem with using the Transifex client for pulling in new translations into our repository before the last release, gPodder 2.17 was missing some translations that existed in previous versions. This release - gPodder 2.18 - fixes this issue and re-adds all missing translations. The YouTube bugfix that has been the reason for the 2.17 release is obviously also included in this release.

Download: gpodder-2.18.tar.gz
md5sum: 69b2667c89996c39cda70b20b6b518db
sha1sum: 02d0ed954b596c592b8113c60ba1b30dd9fde23a

Thanks to Götz Waschk and Tony Mancill for bringing this issue to my attention quickly. Packages for different distributions will appear shortly. Enjoy this new gPodder release!


mygpoclient 1.6 "Greensleeves" released

A new version of mygpoclient, the Pythonic gpodder.net client library has been released. This new release includes various bugfixes that have been introduced in our repository since the last release. It also includes experimental support for the mygpo-feedservice.

Download: mygpoclient-1.6.tar.gz
md5sum: 41cb32aea08e2183ea779bec9b456be6
sha1sum: 14eac26757fe8b857e2e5ffc14c31ff9b2a0db4d

Thanks to David Sepashvili and Stefan Kögl who contributed code for this release. This update is recommended for all users of mygpoclient. Packages in distributions will hopefully follow soon.

gPodder 2.17 "Take Seven" released

This is a bugfix release in the 2.x release series, which fixes downloads of YouTube videos. It is recommended for all users.

Download: gpodder-2.17.tar.gz
md5sum: c7f0fc4ec732496ece5bfa129f0eda21
sha1sum: 9469785e579233509b4f52a6e4afb6550cdf7186

As always, packages for Maemo, Debian, Windows and Ubuntu will appear in the upcoming days.

Transifex integration for gPodder 2.x and 3.x re-enabled

Since Transifex changed their system to not integrate with Git repositories, we have not had integration set up with the gPodder project. Now that the "tres" branch is nearing its release, it's time to set up the translation facilities again, so we can get a properly-translated first release out.

If you are interested in helping make gPodder more international, or if you have been a translator for some time, but were waiting for Transifex support to be re-enabled, now is the time to head over to the gPodder on Transifex project and submit translations :)