Progress report from the January 2013 hack day

Another meetup in Vienna has been held this month to push forward some parts of gPodder (both the client, the web service as well as related projects such as the library and Detlef gPodderson).

There have been several topics that we discussed and worked on:
  • thp demonstrated his work with the new podcastparser, the C implementation of it, we discussed how to use it in the future
  • brot worked on bug 1441, closed as duplicate of bug 1324
  • brot worked on bug 1751, closed as won't fix as there's a workaround
  • brot worked on bug 1749
  • skoegl started work on a "Stream to Sonos" extension for the gPodder app
  • skoegl fixed some bugs in the mygpoclient library
  • horrendus requested an Ohloh organization for all gPodder projects
  • horrendus fixed a bug in libmygpo-qt (using cgdb)
  • moe presented Detlef and continued working on its implementation
  • thp removed the time tracking field in our Bugzilla (we didn't use it)

moe from the Detlet project (an open source gpodder.net podcatcher for Android) demonstrated their Android Podcatcher in the Android Emulator:

Thanks to all for attending, and see you at the February 2013 Hack Day!

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