gPodder @ FOSDEM 2013

Several members of the gPodder Dev Team have attended FOSDEM 2013 last weekend in Brussels, Belgium. In addition to meeting with many developers and people from the community, we were also able to meet Eric (of gPodder-Mac OS X fame) and taste the wide selection of beers in Belgium.

It was also a great opportunity to try on the new gPodder T-Shirts (a very limited edition ;):

You can find more photos of the FOSDEM weekend in Brussels on Flickr.

The next physical meetup will be the Hack Day February 2013 in a bit more than one week. I hopefully get around to do some outstanding pull request merging until then. If you have a change and want to give it a little push, feel free to ping me (thp) directly.


  1. Cool shirts! Is it possible to buy them? I'd love to make a contribution by buying a shirt and also advertise gpodder at the same time!

  2. Hi Daniel - thanks for your interest! Right now, it's not possible to buy these shirts (we haven't set up a web shop or anything). I'll see what I can do there. For now, if you want to support the project, you can have a look at http://gpodder.org/donate - we have Flattr, PayPal and Amazon. Thanks :)


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