gPodder 3.4.0 now available for Windows

Builds of gPodder 3.4.0 for Windows are finally available after a short delay of a few days:

Installer for XP/Vista/7: gpodder-3.4.0-setup.exe
md5sum: 53506d61ca779b4bb1ad0f3b7c5a8973
sha1sum: 745f67337e719744f21f6fc460c8f9d97e637938

Standalone .ZIP package: gpodder-3.4.0-win32.zip (SF.net Mirror)
md5sum: e04ad0b2401205b218afc9150904e68e
sha1sum: 852b2560612ec51409eba1dd255429dce34cbca2

As always, please check the downloads page for up to date information on the most recent builds. For details on this release, see the official release announcement.

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