Update availability for gPodder 3.x for Nokia N9

If you have previously downloaded gPodder 3.x from Nokia Store, please download the newest version from gpodder.org/downloads. The release in Nokia Store was outdated (and since January 1st 2014 we couldn't upload any new version), so we decided to remove it from there to prevent outdated installs and bug reports against old versions.

The most up-to-date and supported release will always be available from gpodder.org's downloads page, and we will try to keep the package on openrepos.net also updated, so you can get automated updates if you use the openrepos.net Warehouse client.


  1. Thank you for supporting the Meego/Harmattan platform. I do have an issue though: Whenever I connect my headset to play a podcast, it stops playing after few seconds (3-5 seconds). It plays fine with N9's speakers. Maybe it's the headset issuse - I should try a different headset, perhaps.

    1. Yes, it's implemented so that is pauses every time the headphones are disconnected. If for some reason there's a bogus disconnect event, it would pause. Try a different pair of headphones.


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