podcastparser 0.4.0 released

podcastparser is a simple, fast and efficient podcast parser written in Python. Podcastparser is used in gPodder 4 for parsing RSS and Atom feeds. This release adds the necessary backend support for Podlove Simple Chapters, which is a feature we're going to introduce in the next release of gPodder 4.

Changes in version 0.4.0:
  • parse_time: Parse using RFC 2326 Normal Play Time (NPT) rules
  • test_podcastparser: Allow full diff when test fails
  • Add support for Podlove Simple Chapters
podcastparser-0.4.0.tar.gz (2014-04-30)
md5sum: 1d541b732ad2035a0ccf11e139d948ba
sha1sum: a0e8421e613ada7f19b47e82222de3cdcf789898

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