gPodder Ubuntu PPA updated with version 3.6.1

The Ubuntu PPA hasn't been updated in a while (roughly one year to be exact), mostly due to me having switched to Fedora since and not having access to a Ubuntu machine all the time for packaging (yeah, I know, I could have set up a VM at some point and/or automated the whole thing a bit more). Anyway, I've taken some time now to update the PPA, and the following Ubuntu releases now get up-to-date gPodder packages (3.6.1) via the PPA:
  • 12.04 LTS "precise"
  • 12.10 "quantal"
  • 13.10 "saucy"
  • 14.04 LTS "trusty"
  • 14.10 "utopic" (but it already has 3.6.1 merged from Debian)
Ubuntu 13.04 "raring" doesn't get new packages, because the PPA builder tells me that this version isn't supported anymore (but 12.10 still is, go figure...). The generate-ubuntu-source.sh script helps there, automatically generating source packages for the PPA upload based on the Debian source package.


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