mygpoclient 1.7 "Nuisance Value" released

Another catch-up release of mygpoclient is out, bringing you new features and an improved syncing experience. The top contributors of this release are Stefan Derkits with 12 commits, and Stefan Kögl with 5 commits. New features include:
  • Additional attributes for simple.Podcast
  • Getting top tags and podcasts of a tag (public API)
  • Added support for podcast and episode data requests
  • Support and unit tests for the settings URLs
  • Raise MissingCredentials exception in SimpleClient
  • Accept episode actions with "flattr" as their type
  • Various fixes, clean-ups and unit test improvements
It is recommended that all users upgrade to this new version of mygpoclient - it will become mandatory in a future gPodder release (or at least mandatory when gpodder.net syncing is used)

Download: mygpoclient-1.7.tar.gz
md5sum: fc4e237c40eba0733a362949d304974c
sha1sum: 9efb1d07b75b13bfa1ea7c644505ebef14fabb26

More information can be found on the mygpoclient homepage and in the cheeseshop.

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