gPodder 4.6.0 "Industrial" released

A new version of gPodder 4 is out for Android, CLI and Sailfish OS. The Blackberry version didn't make it for this release (yet), due to some Qt 5 layout issues on Blackberry 10 that I haven't yet looked into.

Among the usual UI improvements, this release changes the previously JSON-based database for a SQLite3-based database on top of minidb. Migration from the old database to the new database is automatic the first time you use the new version. As always with changes like this, it could be that the migration doesn't work for some reason - in this case, let us know in the issues tracker.

Packages for Sailfish OS are available on the downloads page and the package for Android has been uploaded to Google Play.

Download: gpodder-core-4.6.0.tar.gz
md5sum: 83433222e2356280fe47f5a03022fffe
sha1sum: 3f1bd8a8dadfe588e399ccacf94f734985407eaa

Download: gpodder-ui-qml-4.6.0.tar.gz
md5sum: bfd34ac905daef4a9a2f5060930dd4f2
sha1sum: 2b075e37896f000bc61c8327d13185e3c6118f41


  1. Is it so that the Sailfish version has been completely wiped out and the source is not available anymore? Or can someone point me to a tarball or something. There's a cosmetic bug in 4.60 on the new Jolla C which I would like to fix.

  2. It's still available here:


  3. Alright, thanks. Let's see if I can manage to build it :)

    1. Let me know if you need help with building. It should just build with mb2 or some other tool in the SDK. Don't forget to git clone --recursive to get the submodules' code as well.


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