gPodder 4 coming to Android

Yesterday, I've ported gPodder 4 to Android. This uses Qt 5 and Python 3, as well as the latest development version of PyOtherSide. Since then, I've also fixed some bugs related to font rendering. This means that gPodder 4 will be available in Google Play in a few hours. This is an early port, and gPodder 4's UI is still missing some features and platform integration, but the basic functionality works. What is known to not work (and what I'd like to see fixed in future versions):
  • Notifications / playback integration (so you can pause/skip from your lock screen)
  • Headphone disconnect notification (so gPodder pauses playback on disconnect)
  • Back button integration (so hitting the back button navigates between pages inside the app)
  • Text input fixes (depending on input method, this is a bit spotty at the moment)
  • Activities / URL schemes / intent integration (open gpodder:// URLs, feeds, etc...)
  • Opening of video files with external applications (like on other gPodder 4 platforms)
The source code is of course also available: https://github.com/gpodder/gpodder-android


  1. I like the look'n feel, refined, and fast.
    I am going to use in replacement of Podcast Addict, as soon as it has the gpodder.net integration, and it can exclude episodes I have already listened to on my desktop!

  2. Why don't I find gPodder in fdroid? Why do I have to use a proprietary 3rd party service to leave a comment on a blog for a libre app?

    1. Because nobody has bothered to upload to F-Droid, and last time I checked, one had to do a Forum Post (?!) to "upload"/"register" it with F-Droid, and I haven't even found out how one would post updates there. This should be automated, I just don't have time to go to every site and upload packages there, sorry.

      Regarding the "proprietary 3rd party service" part: You are free to not use the libre app if you don't like how we run it. Open source doesn't (have to) entail zealotry, and Blogger works well for us. We also use Github, which is also a proprietary 3rd party service.

      I did, however, add a link to the APK file (hosted on gpodder.org) to http://gpodder.org/downloads, so you can grab the file there if you have an Android device without Google Play.


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