Release of libmygpo-qt v1.0.7

After exactly half a year, a new version of libmygpo-qt is ready.
Changes in v1.0.7:
  • New Config Class. This class allows to programmatically to retrieve the libmygpo-qt version and retrieve and set the gpodder.net API endpoint (e.g. if you test your software against a private instance of gpodder.net)
  • Config Class also allows to set a prefix to the user-agent. Please never completely overwrite the user-agent set in libmygpo-qt (instead pre/append your own, e.g. via mygpo::Config::setUserAgentPrefix( ... ) )
  • fixed a bug that created incomplete Episode Actions if an Episode Action couldn't be parsed completely by libmygpo-qt
  • fixed a small bug with the pkgconfig file (thx to davidsansome)
  • added support for uploading & retrieving flattr Episode Actions to gpodder.net (this allows you to automatically flattr Podcast Episodes from any podcatcher that uses libmygpo-qt)
Where to get libmygpo-qt?
Tarball: http://stefan.derkits.at/files/libmygpo-qt/libmygpo-qt.1.0.7.tar.gz
sha256sum: faade78e1baeeab7f858dec80530ad63c50f683fe511948ab1a45e685828cc74 md5sum: 447e60c8c695b4280a0e20c71abacf49

Some more important Links for libmygpo-qt:
Project Website: http://wiki.gpodder.org/wiki/Libmygpo-qt
Git Repository: https://github.com/gpodder/libmygpo-qt
Doxygen Documentation: http://stefan.derkits.at/libmygpo-doc/ gpodder.net API: http://wiki.gpodder.org/wiki/Web_Services/API_2 Bug reports: http://bugs.gpodder.org
Contact: gpodder@freelists.org 

Want to support libmygpo-qt?
You can support the development of libmygpo-qt you can send me a book via my Amazon Wishlist or donate via paypal to stefan@derkits.at

What is libmygpo-qt?
libmygpo-qt is a Qt/C++ library wrapping the gpodder.net Webservice. It is currently used in Amarok & Clementine to retrieve a directory of podcasts & to synchronize podcast subscriptions with gpodder.net

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