gPodder 2.20.3 "The Odd Pod" released

As the YouTube fix in version 2.20.2 didn't totally fix the downloads for gPodder 2 users, the fixes integrated into the development version of gPodder 3 have also been backported to version 2.x, so that all Maemo 5 (and Maemo 4) users can also enjoy YouTube downloads again. In addition to that, the Spanish translation has also been updated:
  • YouTube fixes (bug 1665, backported by Andreas Piesk)
  • Updated Spanish translation (by Simó Albert i Beltran)
Again, we don't really support or develop the 2.20.x branch (except for regression fixes when the time allows it), it is recommended for all users to upgrade to gPodder 3.

Because Maemo 4 and Maemo 5 are not supported anymore in gPodder 3, we provide occasional updates to 2.20.x for these platforms, so that users using the N800, N810 or N900 are not left out in the cold.

Packages for Maemo will be prepared soon.

Download: gpodder-2.20.3.tar.gz
md5sum: 397b4cd542362454598d553fcfdad5b2
sha1sum: 1f58c7d96c4e62cf20d682123ca35bae653bb096


  1. Where do I get the Windows 7 exe?

  2. There won't be any more releases of version 2.x for Windows. For Windows, a new version of gPodder 3.x will be prepared soon.


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