Progress report from the November hack day

Since October this year, parts of the gPodder team meet up every month now in Vienna to work on the project in person, which allows us do better discuss design decisions, help each other with understanding the code, and push forward different parts of the gPodder sub-projects (gPodder itself, libmygpo-qt, gpodder.net, etc...).

This month's hack day took place this weekend. Among other things, we fixed bug 1711, integrated the episode shownotes window into the main window (this still needs some more work, but in general I think having the shownotes in the main window as extra pane is nicer than having a separate window pop up) and removed the long-deprecated gpodder.api module. Stefan restructured the API documentation for gpodder.net, which should make it easier to find your way around all the features our web service provides. As always, Stefan also spend some time getting some bugfixes and UI improvements integrated and deployed. As the extension system in the gPodder client gets more and more uses, Bernd worked on improving it by adding categories and new metadata fields that allow us to set extensions to be mandatory in certain UIs (e.g. we always want to load the Unity integration extensions if the user happens to run Unity, without requiring the user to hunt down the extension and manually activate it). In general, these changes should improve the usability of extensions in the long run. A student from the project group working on a gpodder.net client app for Android has also joined us for the first time, and we hope to see more from this project soon.

Thanks to all who attended, and see you next time in December.

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