libmygpo-qt 1.0.1 released, call for packagers

Stefan from the libmygpo-qt project announced a bugfix release for the gpodder.net Qt client library:

Dear gPodder Community,

after finishing the v1.0 Version of libmygpo-qt, the first Bugfix Release is here, v1.0.1

This is a bugfix Release, especially targeting a Bug in the Build System (library couldn't be built on Maemo 5/ARM)

Source download: libmygpo-qt.1.0.1.tar.gz
md5sum: 96095ae07a27db5593dfb73a5fa14d90
sha1sum: e94d8d96f231e946b2c1b259679140488ee04b6b

I am looking for interested people that help us with the packaging of the Library. Please contact me via the gpodder Mailinglist.

Important Links
Contact: gpodder-devel@lists.berlios.de

What is libmygpo-qt?

libmygpo-qt is a Qt/C++ Library wrapping the gPodder.net Webservice. It was created as part of a University Course & is used in one of the next versions of Amarok (2.4.1) with the new gpodder.net Service, that makes the gpodder.net Podcast Directory available from within Amarok.

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