gPodder 4.2.0 "Jungle" released

A new release of gPodder is out, adding support for Podlove Simple Chapters, fallback to audio/video links in case of missing enclosures, support for RFC 5005 paged feeds (with podcastparser 0.3.0 and newer) as well as the usual fixes to the QML UI reference implementation and the Sailfish OS UI.
  • Core
    • Add rewrite_url function to model (bug 1905)
    • Support for paged feeds (RFC 5005)
    • Fallback to audio/video link if no enclosures are found
    • Add support for Podlove Simple Chapters
    • Send initial progress report immediately (gpodder.download)
    • Various minor bugfixes and clean-ups
  • QML UI - Common
    • Add support for chapters in episodes
    • Fix playback position resuming
    • Regularly sync playback position to disk
  • QML UI - Reference Implementation (BB10)
    • Refine QML UI, layout and new/downloaded indicators
  • QML UI - Sailfish Silica UI (Sailfish OS)
    • New icon and cover by Stephan Beyerle
    • Add missing scroll decorator to episode filter dialog
    • Add support for chapters in player and episode details page
    • Fix paddings, item sizes and colors
Download: gpodder-core-4.2.0.tar.gz
md5sum: 9f9ceba555d0ab4d7923f007ea6e1e08
sha1sum: 77b080d81a02d3c87a7773b40506d9f6867f8c9c

Download: gpodder-ui-qml-4.2.0.tar.gz
md5sum: 0951398248bc108433116b60e6ead3c7
sha1sum: 058811b6968732959017919f87db82536317816a

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  1. I hope the possibility to store the Podcasts on the external SD-card will be added soon.


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