gPodder 4 QML UI on on Blackberry 10

While for Sailfish OS, we do a native UI, the Blackberry 10 version of gPodder will at the moment not feature a native UI due to the native UI (Cascades) not being available for Qt 5 yet. Instead, we will use our own QML UI Reference Implementation, which shares common code with the Sailfish OS UI, and just uses plain QtQuick 2.0 elements and a custom UI Component set specifically for gPodder.

Powered by the Open Iconic icon set and Source Sans Pro, the QML Reference UI takes gPodder onto a new set of platforms, while still keeping some of the patterns we have established with the Harmattan (Nokia N9) version of gPodder:
  • Playback color is "blue", play/pause right from the episode list, playback progress subtly displayed inside the episode item; currently-playing episode item highlighted in blue
  • Download color is "green", download progress is displayed on the episode item
  • Separate play page (now in the "blue" playback color scheme) with a progress bar, but also seek buttons for going 10 seconds and 1 minute in both directions - skip advertisements or talk segments easily, or skip back to rehearse
  • Adding subscriptions by directly entering the feed URL, with some shortcuts (e.g. "fb:" for 
  • feedburner-based URLs, etc...) or by using the gpodder.net search feature

All this runs nicely on any system where Python 3 and Qt 5 is available. For glue, we use PyOtherSide, which has recently got its first public 1.1.0 release, and is now well-documented over at readthedocs.org.

In summary, we're making good progress on gPodder 4 for both Sailfish OS and Blackberry 10. Once we've release gPodder 4 for those platforms, we might want to look into porting it to other platforms.

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