gPodder 4 status update: Sailfish OS and BB10

It's time for another status update on the upcoming gPodder release: Version 4.0.0. Version 4 will (at least initially) be more aimed towards mobile devices and QML, for all other use cases, you can keep using (and contributing to) gPodder 3.

The bleeding edge development happens in the "cuatro" branch in the main gPodder Git repository. From there, code is merged to the "gpodder-core" repository, which only contains the core gPodder library. On top of the core library, there are user interfaces, the single one that we have right now is the QML UI Reference Implementation in the "gpodder-ui-qml" repository. Taking this one step further are then the device/OS-specific repositories for customizations and packaging. Right now, we have "gpodder-bb10" for packaging of gPodder on Blackberry 10 as well as "gpodder-sailfish" for gPodder on Sailfish OS. Both of these use "gpodder-core" and "gpodder-ui-qml" as submodules to import the code from there, but might customize or replace parts of the QML UI Reference Implementation with platform-specific controls (but the Reference Implementation itself is still fully self-contained and functional, and in fact, most of the OS-specific packaging right now reuse everything and don't customize UI elements - yet).

Of course, for all you keyboard cowboys out there, we still have the CLI ("gpo") available. This is actually in the "gpodder-core" repository and is used to test the core library.

The gPodder 4 QML UI is not at all complete yet, but basic subscribing, downloading and playback works already. Stay tuned!

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