Progress report from the March 2013 hack day

After the 3.5.0 release last week, we also had our monthly Jour Fixe for gPodder hacking at the Metalab on Saturday. This is a summary of what happened:

Bernd worked on bug 1265 (Notification bubbles in Ubuntu), Stefan worked on the draft for the new gpodder.net API, and I worked on getting Windows and Ubuntu releases in shape. Also: Merging some pull requests and fixing the Gtk+ submenu activate issue, creating a workaround for the focus issue in the toolkit (see GNOME bug 695488), although it seems like we still have to tweak the workaround a bit.

The next hack day is planned for April 13th 2013 and will again take place at the Metalab Vienna. Until then - happy hacking, and see you in #gpodder on FreeNode IRC.

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