gPodder 3.2.0 "The Great Radish Famine" released

We've been on a short summer break the last two months, and have waited to release this version until we got Flattr support and MP3 player device sync back into mainline gPodder. This means that packagers can now start packaging gPodder 3 for their distributions if they have been keeping back because of the device sync features. The device sync patches have been ported from gPodder 2.x by Joseph Wickremasinghe and the Flattr support was mostly implemented by Bernd Schlapsi - thanks to both of them for the great support! Other fixes:
  • QML UI: Show cover art in "All episodes" (bug 1602)
  • Add "on_channel_context_menu" (patch by Nick Stevens)
  • MP3 player device sync support (bug 1579, by Joseph Wickremasinghe)
  • Threading: Use util.run_in_background to spawn threads
  • QML UI: Set title bar text for multi-select sheet
  • QML UI: Scroll episode list when opening last item
  • Gtk UI: Initial hack for embedded shownotes display
  • CLI: Show more of the title when updating feeds
  • Flattr integration (bug 1576, by Bernd Schlapsi)
  • DB schema: Cleaner upgrades, fix column order
  • Updated translations and various bug fixes
As always, a detailed changelog is available at gpodder.org/changelog/3.2.0.

md5sum: 29587ee5d88c9802a862ec41686bdd52
sha1sum: bd363a488338455144f4a994d89b204d62dc69f4
For packages in distributions, see the downloads page.

Thanks to all users who supported the gPodder project by providing bug reports, patches, documentation, feedback or donations / Flattrs.


  1. I don't get it. Prompted to upgrade, download upgrade, upgrade is some python stuff, I think?

    How do I apply that to my current Windows install of gPodder

  2. I cannot get the iPod information to so up. I get nothing in the proferences to set the mount point for the ipod and there are no sync menu items with version 3.2.0

  3. dj: The Windows update can now be downloaded from the downloads page, scroll down a bit and you should see it (you might have to hit F5/Refresh, as I've just uploaded it).

  4. I dig some of the improvements, but are we going to see some of the things I loved in Ubuntu back?

    Having to run gPodder as a window all the time just doesn't cut it (I miss the tray icon), and having a toolbar button to sync (I'm a stickler for a good toolbar) would greatly improve functionality.


  5. Bram: On Ubuntu, you can enable the tray icon feature (App Indicator in Unity) from the preferences window in the "Extensions" tab. Same for Unity integration (this will show the download progress on the gPodder icon in Unity).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I gotta ask;

      Why does it react so differetly from version 2.20? For instance, left-clicking doesn't show the window, but a menu which gives me a chance between showing the window or shutting down the program.

      Right-clicking does the same.

      If it ain't broke... fix it?

      Sorry for being so flippant, but it's so counter-intuitive, even counter-interface (I use Gnome 3).

    3. This is actually the behavior of all AppIndicator applets in Unity (it might make more sense if you use Unity). Of course, on Gnome 3, a GtkStatusIcon might be better-suited for this.

      It should not be too hard to write an extension for a status icon instead of an AppIndicator (the current state of the Linux Desktop is [as always] quite messy, but I personally think that Unity has at least a clear mission, good backing of Canonical and something that works for me for day-to-day usage).

      Please contribute and write an extension that does the status icon! :) You can even use share/gpodder/extensions/ubuntu_appindicator.py as your starting point and simply replacing the AppIndicator API with the gtk.StatusIcon object.

    4. I have pretty much no experience in coding, but I'll see what I can do.

    5. So... that was disheartening. I appreciate your efforts even more after having looked at the code of that plugin.

  6. doesn't launch on nokia n9 after update. See also nokia store with comments from other people having the same problem with 3.2.0.

  7. Looks like iPod synchronisation isn't there yet. Could you give any indication on when it'll be there?

  8. hi, first i would like to thank team for the sync tool! great job!

    one feature is missing and i'am wondering is it not implemented yet or is it not planed to be in the version 3? in version 2 i was able to choose a single podcast to sync or not, now its gone

    thx for info & sorry for my english

    1. This will hopefully be implemented again for a future version, yes.

  9. Just curious,

    I like downloading Youtube videos because it's a great way to past the day listening to tech show podcast while working without the need to have the browser open and creating playlist daily. And sometimes I prefer to download them than watch them from the site thru my HDTV at home.

    How come we don't have an option to pick the quality of the video? I have seen other programs that do but I prefer gPodder. Just wondering if this is being considered. Would love to have at least HD 720 download ability. Would make my life so much easier.

    Thanks for the great program though.

    1. You can set the video quality in the advanced configuration setting "youtube.preferred_fmt_id". The possible values can be found here:


      These formats are also listed in src/gpodder/youtube.py in the gPodder source code.

  10. When it try to sign into my Flattr-Account i get an Error: "Webkit/gtk not found". Using Win7


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