Refreshed website, fixed 2.20 Windows release

The gPodder website has been refreshed, and updated - some pages have been merged, rearranged or improved in other ways, so that it's easier for you to get an overview of what's available and where to find the latest version. The downloads page now has the versions of all packages listed, so you can quickly see if the package in your distribution is up to date (right now, the versions are updated by hand, but we plan to script and scrape the version numbers from the distribution websites).

In related news, it has come to our attention that some users had problems running gPodder 2.20 on Windows (gPodder wouldn't start in this case). Investigations found that the problem was the missing "logging" module.

We have uploaded a fixed 2.20 release for Windows that includes the logging module - please redownload gPodder 2.20 from the downloads page if you are affected!

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  1. I happy to see that you added arch to downloads list.


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