gPodder 2.13 "Mr. Dingle, the Strong" released

Your monthly load of gPodder release goodness has arrived! The 2.x branch of gPodder is for bugfixes and small enhancements, while the "innovation" happens in the "tres" branch in our Git repository. It is recommended for all gPodder users to upgrade to 2.13 to get the best compatibility with podcast feeds and the latest fixes. Here's a summary of the changes:
  • Handle failed feed updates in "gpo" (bug 1264)
  • Fix encoding issue in minidb (bug 1088)
  • Fix broken YouTube search (Maemo bug 11756)
  • OPML Export for Maemo 5 (Maemo bug 11504)
  • Always show "Check for updates" on Maemo 5 (Maemo bug 11637)
  • Fix problems with MAFW position tracking (Maemo bug 11811)
  • Option: Auto-download when on Wi-Fi (Maemo bug 5181)
  • Various fixes to the Maemo 5 UI ("Copy" in shownotes, icon refresh)
  • Updated translations: Norwegian BokmÃ¥l and German
The detailed ChangeLog can be found at gpodder.org/changelog/2.13.

Source download: gpodder-2.13.tar.gz
md5sum: e9f92d5057f7bd97d7c8a7bd471739cd
sha1sum: d87de1ae8cfc6d757b5b957ecda7f5687f69f1b7

The package for Maemo 4 (N800 and N810) is available in Extras right now. gPodder for Maemo 5 (N900) is already in Extras-Testing (please test and vote) and will land in Extras after testing is complete. Packages for Debian will be provided shortly, and the Ubuntu PPA will also be updated with the new version after the Debian package is ready. Thanks to all who were involved in this release. Happy podcatching!

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  1. It would be perfect, if you could integrate a button into the gui, which led to the directory where the mp3 of the according podcast is stored.


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